Ethically Sourced

Welcome to the Harloc Hair Blog. A magical space where you can ask anything your inquiring mind is wondering... Hopefully about hair extensions! However, if it’s a juicy life thought - maybe we’ll decide to diversify! Who doesn’t love a little tea time. Envision a Dear Abby Column - with a more appealing aesthetic. We are here to offer the highest quality Remy Slavic hair extensions on the market and want to ensure our guests and followers are educated on anything and everything Harloc. That being said, we feel it is only appropriate to kick off our blog by guiding you in understanding what it means to be ethically sourced and why we feel the need to mention it often... Like, every Instagram post often.

When launching Harloc, we were saddened by the misinformation and lies when it came to the hair extension industry. We are here to take the blindfold off and share the truth behind what many, if not most extension brands offer when it comes to where their hair is sourced. Did you know that some hair extension companies source their hair from kidnapped women and children? How about hair from women who were not paid fair trade value - sacrificing and donating their hair for their temple? These temples profit off of this hair by selling it directly to hair extension companies - without paying the women for their donation. By purchasing hair from companies that are not ethically sourced, you are directly supporting the exploitation of these women and children. Here at Harloc, we believe in full transparency when it comes to our product - we pride ourselves in using ethically sourced, Remy Slavic Hair. Our hair is traceable human hair from communities in Central and Eastern Europe. We want you to feel confident in your purchase decision, knowing individuals voluntarily donated their hair, and are paid fair trade value. On top of that, our extensions are handmade, natural, and free of any silicones. We manufacture and ship three extension types – Tape-Ins, Clip-Ins, and Ponytail Extensions. We can also custom order other extension methods, such as I-Tips, K-Tips, Flat-Tips, and Machine Wefts!

As consumers, it is important to recognize the beauty of becoming an informed shopper. With the rise of social media and more readily available education - consumers are wanting to support brands with a good heart and even better ethics. This is why we want to educate our customers on why we are more than just a hair extension company. Ethically sourced Remy Slavic hair is a part of our values and we will continue to shout it from the hill tops! (Yes, you will continue to see a theme of Sound of Music in our writing). Remy hair is considered to be the highest grade of human hair – that means the hair’s cuticles are kept intact, and always going in one direction - from root to tip. This ensures that the hair blends seamlessly with your own hair, and remains silky, ultra-soft, shiny, and tangle-free. Envision Lady Godiva flowing in on her white horse, Beyoncé strutting onto the stage, or Fabio saving his damsel in distress. Are these not the energies you desire to embody? If that isn’t enough, with proper at home care and maintenance, our extensions can last anywhere from a year, or longer, even when wearing them daily.
Put that Tangle Teezer away and prepare to indulge yourself in luxury - Harloc, the finest Remy Slavic hair on the market.    Until next time,
Sara & Michael